New Music

I’ve been putting out a lot of stuff in October so this is a bit of a write up.

I started working on The Branch (named due to theme and also my branching away from purely drone/ambient work sometimes) back in February. It took a while to get it done, but it is available here and everyone enjoyed it. There’s a visible difference in the amount of finished full album listens compared to other albums, when looking at the stats, which is great to see.

Switching it up with a more electronic, synth, and symphonic elements this time around really allowed to play with melody. Sometimes that’s a secondary thought in ambient work, so it was nice to paint with different brushes.


I did that cover myself too which may or may not have taken longer than the music itself.

(This is a joke. The music took way longer.)

If you’re into spooky drones, this is a Halloween special for this year:


Also did the cover here, though the background was made by a cool designer linked in the album notes. It’s the Silent Hill cafe re-imagined. 3D modelling for both the above covers, as well as the music video for Tree of Memory from The Branch was pretty fun. The video is available here:


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